Do you have a business blog? Have you been thinking about starting a blog? Or perhaps you’ve seen your competitors blogging away and you don’t quite understand why they’d put that effort in?

Our team at Ironbark Marketing have been creating blogs for our clients since day dot, and we swear by them – it may be one of the best business decisions some of our clients have made!

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why your business would benefit from having a blog.

1. Strengthen that SEO!

To put it simply, Google looooooves blogs. Why? Because the more content, the more searches you’re likely to show up on. Every month, Google generates results for 100 million searches! If you don’t have the content, you haven’t got much to show you prospective clients – so why should Google send them to your site?

Let’s strengthen that SEO by creating and maintaining high quality content on topics that your target audience appreciate. A blog will keep your brand’s presence fresh and the more content, the longer users can spend browsing your site. On a blog you’re also able to select particular key words relating to your business – a fundamental way to improve your SEO.

2. Increase and encourage consumer engagement

If you’ve ever had a successful blog, you’d know that it can lead to a serious boost in engagement! This can occur due to organic online searches, or perhaps it was shared by someone’s colleague, a friend, or even a family member! By publishing a blog regularly, you’re empowering your consumers by giving them something to talk about online and in person.

Blogs also have a comment function (whether you turn that on or leave it off is up to you) and social media allows sharing of articles, prompting visits to your site, which will help you to:

  • further understand what content piques people’s interest
  • better target your future content.

These shares are not just developing your content, but also allowing your audience to develop brand awareness, without you having to lift (or click) a finger!

3. Create a community and show them who you are

You know those communities you’ve developed on your other platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc? (Or maybe you don’t and you also need help with that – if so talk to us about your social media). This social media community is made up of the loyal customers and clients who religiously read, comment on and share the content of brands they like.

Your blog community is much the same. Make sure your potential customers and clients have a regular reason to visit your site and share your content across all platforms. Your blog is often where stronger and longer-lasting brand relationships are made. This is because your blog community gets to know who you truly are and what you value and represent via the stories that you share. This allows them to spread the word on your philosophy, extending your reach and enhancing your credibility as a brand.

4. Show off your knowledge and skills (and educate your community!)

Modesty is dead. Be honest; if you know you rock at something, then share those skills with your community (literally). With more and more businesses investing in digital real estate, now is not the time to be shy about showing your online target audience what you’ve got. Your blog is the ideal platform to do just that. Whether you’re a design firm sharing content on industry trends or a mechanic sharing knowledge on the latest professional grade equipment, a blog is an easy way to show your clients that you seriously know your stuff.

Do you have a burning question or has this blog post struck a chord with you and now you want your very own? We have helped countless businesses to develop their online content and voice, and we know that we can help you too. Whatever you require, let us help you get started or get better at blogging. Enquire today, or shoot us an email.