How to create a sitemap in WordPress

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap (or ‘site map’) is a dedicated page that contains a list of pages on your site. It is typically presented in text format, and structured in a hierarchy; for example, categories (see our sitemap as an example). It may also contain links to documents, videos, and other important items that may be useful for visitors to find. Think of it as an index at the back of a textbook. It is important to learn how to create a sitemap in WordPress to benefit users to find information quickly and efficiently.


Five social media tips for B2B marketers

These days it is commonplace for businesses to have a presence on social media. Usually this comes about when someone in the company thinks that it would be a good idea, with the added benefit of being free. This has led to an inundation of generic content, used to talk at people, only being updated on a sporadic basis.

So how can marketers break through the plethora of status quo corporate updates on social platforms?


How to resize multiple images in Photoshop

Video Tutorial (Updated): How to resize multiple images in Photoshop

Got one image to resize? Easy! Got multiple images? When you add up the time it takes to resize 10, 100, 1000 or more, it is time consuming to repeat the same process one at a time. Learning how to resize multiple images in Photoshop is much faster and predictable.

This tutorial will show you how to speed up your workflow by creating custom Actions, with Automate and Batch function to resize multiple images in one go.

Actions is a Photoshop tool that records a task for the computer to remember. You can then Automate the same task on a single image or a Batch of images.


The benefits of adopting a seasonal content strategy

You may already be familiar with content marketing, but have you considered introducing a seasonal approach?

So, what is seasonal content marketing? It’s all about tailoring your campaign content to match with current trends that are relevant to your customers to best capture their attention and provide them with interesting, valuable and engaging information.

The team at Ironbark Marketing believe seasonal content marketing is beneficial to your business for three main reasons.


Why video marketing belongs in your content marketing plan

Video marketing isn’t just another way to tell the same story. It’s an opportunity to become irresistible. From local start-ups to billion-dollar global companies, everyone seems to be sold on video marketing – and so they should be! In fact, businesses on average are publishing 33 new videos every month.


Do you have a digital business plan?

If you’re a business owner, you’re running your own show, so chances are you’ve put together a business plan. But have you given it enough attention?

  • Do you consult it regularly?
  • Have you updated it lately?
  • Does it include digital strategies?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, read on.


Four reasons your business would benefit from a blog

Do you have a business blog? Have you been thinking about starting a blog? Or perhaps you’ve seen your competitors blogging away and you don’t quite understand why they’d put that effort in?

Our team at Ironbark Marketing have been creating blogs for our clients since day dot, and we swear by them – it may be one of the best business decisions some of our clients have made!

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why your business would benefit from having a blog.


Five ways to market yourself online

Thanks to the internet and social media, job searching and developing your professional brand is now more competitive than ever before. As skilled candidates jostle for attention in a fast-paced market, how do you make sure that employers and potential clients

  1. see you
  2. see your potential?

We’ve put together these tips for increasing your visibility and maximising that exposure to land the roles you want, and serve the people you want to serve.


Five tips for attending networking events

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that networking events are a great opportunity to meet professionals in your industry. Why is this important you may ask?

  • It opens doors to new employment opportunities
  • It’s an opportunity to exchange and broaden your ideas and opinions
  • It boosts your self esteem
  • It makes you more visible – and more resourceful!

Here are five tips to get the most out of your next networking event: