You may already be familiar with content marketing, but have you considered introducing a seasonal approach?

So, what is seasonal content marketing? It’s all about tailoring your campaign content to match with current trends that are relevant to your customers to best capture their attention and provide them with interesting, valuable and engaging information.

The team at Ironbark Marketing believe seasonal content marketing is beneficial to your business for three main reasons.

1. It creates a sense of urgency

We work with a range of clients in the professional services sector. By tailoring a seasonal content plan and releasing topical pieces, we can attract a more engaged audience and give them a reason to read.

For example, we create blog posts for one of our clients with a medical practice fortnightly. We cover a new health topic in each blog post, and to make this content seasonal we focus on topical trends. During winter, for instance, we write on issues such as skin health, boosting your immunity, and flu vaccinations.

Choosing topics that are relevant to readers at a specific time:

  • demonstrates that the business is in touch with what is impacting their target audience at a given time, and
  • means people are more likely to read the post immediately.

2. It connects your business to the right market

At Ironbark Marketing, we ensure that the content we manage for our clients relates closely our clients’ target audiences.

If you have a locally focused business, remember the particular needs of that market when you’re creating content. Using the medical practice example again, during the recent Queensland bushfires most of us knew of someone affected by the fires. By targeting posts on hot topics such as smoke and dust, asthma sufferers who follow the medical practice’s social media pages found the content we shared valuable and relevant.

3. It's useful to your audience and builds brand loyalty

Seasonal content is crucial for businesses, as many industries rely on the changing seasons, changing weather, holidays and other variations throughout the year to sell their products and services. Timing is everything.

Let’s stick with the example of the local medical practice. Queensland’s Ekka Show Holiday is an annual day off for the agricultural show held in Brisbane. It’s an awesome day out: great food, farm animals, fireworks, carnival rides, etc. The downside is that it’s held at the peak of the flu season and is a breeding ground for germs. Many people get ill post-Ekka, so the medical practice can tailor content at Ekka time, so that it’s useful to readers. This also helps to educate and protect the community, which shows patients and potential patients that the practice cares, and is in touch with their needs and concerns.

When people find real value in your content, they’re more likely to:

  • trust your brand, and
  • purchase your goods and services.

If you need assistance tailoring a seasonal content plan, Ironbark Marketing is here to help. Get in touch via if you’d like to find out more.